Quantitative correlation of worldview to resource development conflict

CIM Journal Preprint, Vol. 8, No. 3, 2017

M. B. Lytle
National Energy Board, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

M. Hitch
Australian Centre for Sustainable Mining Practices, UNSW Australia, Sydney, Australia


This paper asserts that resource development conflicts arise largely due to the differences in worldview between those who support and those who oppose the development. This paper defines worldview and illustrates how societies and civilizations with different worldviews produce different levels of creative and economic energy. A questionnaire was created to build a database of responses to worldview and resource development questions in order to test whether the two issues are correlated. Factor and multivariate regression analysis was used to determine the correlations for a variety of respondent groupings. For this sample of respondents there was a positive correlation between their worldview and their attitudes towards resource development. These correlations became stronger as the homogeneity of the sample subgroups increased.

Keywords: Correlation, Factor analysis, Multivariate regression analysis, Questionnaire, Resource development conflict, Worldview