Backfill Practice at Copper Cliff North Mine (CCNM)


Ike Isagon, Mehdi Razavi, Steve Townend,

ABSTRACT: Backfilling has become an integral process in underground mining operations, with varying cost-effective forms of application. This study is a part of an overall investigation into the backfill practices at Copper Cliff North Mine (CCNM). The mine is well-diversified in terms of backfill methodologies and practices. The mine employs different fill methods such as cemented and un-cemented rock fill, slag fill, and cemented hydraulic fill (or a combination of them) in order to fill the voids created by mining activities. The history of backfilling at CCNM has been dominated by cemented and un-cemented slag fill. Each fill method requires operating and engineering guidelines for a cost-effective quality control system. The purpose of this paper is to briefly discuss the backfill methods and applications, operating guidelines, and engineering requirements at CCNM.
Keywords: cemented and un-cemented rock fill, cemented hydraulic fill, Backfilling, Underground mining, slag fill