CIM Journal Vol. 6 No. 1

The CIM Journal is a quarterly digital publication for peer-reviewed technical papers. Papers cover all facets of the mining and minerals industry, including geology, mining, processing, maintenance, environmental protection and reclamation, mineral economics and project management. CIM Journal publishes papers in either English or French, with abstracts provided in both languages.

CIM Journal, Vol. 6, No. 1, 2015



Co-extraction of coal and methane
H. Guo; L. Yuan; Y. P. Liang, Q. D. Qu, J. Qin, S. Xue, and J. Xie


Introduction to the stirred milling of nickel laterites for upgrading nickel
L. Tong and B. Klein; M. Zanin, W. Skinner, K. Quast, and J. Addai-Mensah; D. Robinson


Prospects for renewable energy systems in the mining industry
B. Fleet; A. Davidse; R. DasGupta and S. Hon; J. Li, A. Pringle, and C. Searcy


Escalating social risk around mining: Why does it matter and what can be done?
M. D. Evans


Time-temperature-transformation (TTT) diagram of caustic calcined magnesia
K. Ebrahimi-Nasrabadi, M. Barati and P. W. Scott


History of electrolytic cobalt refining at Vale Canada (Inco)
B. R. Conard


Effect of low-intensity magnetic fields on constructed wetland mesocosms treating chromium wastewater
A. Rodriguez-Prado