Don’t be fooled by project delays – you might have more to do with it than you think!


Mr Jason Mewis (President - ENGCOMP)

No one is satisfied when project schedules are not met. Costs escalate, production is delayed and in some cases it can lead to complete project failure. Understanding project delays is a statement that may seem too simplistic. In most cases it is a very complex reality that ultimately leads to late delivery of projects. But there are tools and techniques to help prepare for this complexity early in your project definition. This presentation will explore some of the causes of delays in mining projects, why it is so common, what are the impacts and what might be done to try and resolve the problem. With a focus on proper schedule definition and planning, we will explore the application of uncertainty analysis on schedule using Monte Carlo simulation. Using a structured uncertainty based approach to defining your business case coupled with a strong risk management process and culture, you will dramatically increase your chances of project success.