Driving operational reliability within the Asset Management Framework



The natural resources industry is facing significant challenges that are forcing the implementation of efficient and effective actions to achieve sustainable profitability in the midst of uncertainty. From a very pragmatic viewpoint, it is needed that assets deliver what is expected from them, when and how required.The best course of action for achieving the above-mentioned objective is the implementation of an effective and holistic Reliability Improvement Program, fully aligned with the overall asset management strategy of the organization.As per the author’s experience the key differentiator for enabling success in implementation of Reliability Programs is the existence of a clear strategy and action plan for working not only on the reliability of physical assets (Equipment Strategies) but also with the human and information reliability components. In addition, it is paramount to recognize that many external factors not under the control of the reliability group define the operational performance of assets and consequently they need to be dealt with The proposed paper and related presentation will describe a systematic approach for achieving the required performance from assets, considering the operational constraints and challenges that each particular organization needs to overcome within the framework of the asset management discipline