Drones & 3D Engineering: Next-Gen Material Handling Project Planning & Execution


Pete Wisniewski, BEUMER Group; Brad Williams, BEUMER Group

Innovative planning and monitoring tools in the bulk material handling business are changing the way long distance conveying projects are executed. The Knight Hawk Coal - Prairie Eagle Mine in Illinois is a great example of how innovation is playing a key role in providing end users with the necessary information to make informed and cost-effective decisions.  Utilizing drone technology and 3D engineering software, BEUMER Group provided Knight Hawk with a cost-effective solution to transport coal from their new mine portal location to their existing processing plant four miles away.  BEUMER's single-flight, horizontal curve overland conveyor allowed for the elimination of multiple transfer points and the associated cost of structural towers, equipment and maintenance.  The horizontal curve technology, combined with innovative planning tools, allowed for an efficient solution process from initial planning through execution.
Keywords: mining, drones, conveyor, material handling, coal, mine, overland, beumer, innovation, 3D, software, engineer