Dust Handling Systems for Flash Furnaces

Additonal authors: Thomas. Lisa. Book title: Proceedings of the 58th Conference of Metallurgists Hosting Copper 2019. Chapter: . Chapter title:

Proceedings, Vol. Proceedings of the 58th Conference of Metallurgists Hosting Copper 2019, 2019

Coleman, Mark

Schenck Process is an established customer-driven solutions provider, utilising its knowledge, expertise and technologies to transform production processes. Operating across several industries Schenck Process have developed quality solutions from their range of equipment to solve problems and fill holes in other people’s processes. In the non-ferrous metals industries Schenck Process have been using their Clyde Brand solutions in Pneumatic Transport to solve problems on smelter sites for a number of years, handling of concentrates, additives and metallurgical dusts. Working alongside clients around the world they have developed a number of dust handling systems for flash furnaces from New Boliden, through Codelco to PASAR. Solving handling issues in dust collection has proved to suit Schenck Process range of equipment well and now a series of solutions are available. Solutions have been developed to handle materials up to 600°C and can convey over 1 km. Conveying to remote location for disposal, injecting directly into a furnace through lances, return to furnace burner feed, or deliver and dose into leaching reactors, Schenck Process are ready to ‘make processes work’. Historic solutions at New Boliden and Codelco demonstrate a range of material application and the long term performance of the equipment. Recent installations at Pasar utilise the Schenck new ProPhaseTM equipment and handle the Waste Heat Boiler and ESP dusts directly and simplify the dust train. The paper will seek to show how this equipment can bring benefit in handling high temperature materials directly and eliminate several traditional steps that are often unreliable. The systems can be paired with Schenck Process new PHASiQTM and STREAMiQTM control systems which are complete PC, HMI, PLC, Interface system with full SCADA, Data Storage and IoT ready remote interrogation and support available. Installed in this challenging environment the systems are ready for smelter use. The systems can be also joined to our new E-nizingTM web portal. A perfect partnership to deliver the trend in ‘Big Data’ while providing visibility and off site support. The paper will show how these systems can deliver reliable equipment and remote support for these often isolated sites as well as delivering rapid return on investment. This paper discusses a step change in simplifying Flash Furnace Dust handling which Schenck believes shows the truth of Schenck Process Solutions claim that ‘we make processes work’.
Keywords: Copper 2019, COM2019