Flowsheets of the Future

Additonal authors: Pihlasalo, Jouni. Book title: Proceedings of the 58th Conference of Metallurgists Hosting Copper 2019. Chapter: . Chapter title:

Proceedings, Vol. Proceedings of the 58th Conference of Metallurgists Hosting Copper 2019, 2019

Matusewicz, Robert

With widespread discussion on reducing carbon, sulphur and other emissions, use of sustainable energy sources and the pivotal circular economy theme, consideration needs to be given to pyrometallurgical operations broadly and more specifically, non-ferrous metallurgy. These themes present a number of challenges in terms of current operations and the view of processing the metals which are largely taken for granted in day to day living. This paper considers how these themes will impact pyrometallurgical flowsheets using the non-ferrous base metals as an example. It will examine the flowsheet chain to offer views on the boundaries of flowsheet optimization and the application of available tools to meet these future goals and challenges. INTRODUCTION The themes of reducing footprint through lowered CO2, S and other emissions, together with process sustainability (e.g. lowered energy) and links to the circular economy are well known to everyone in the metals industries. Whether it is reducing greenhouse gas emissions or analysing the importance of metals recycling in the circular economy, all these themes carry with them the fundamental premise of any change being considered; how can you best optimize a system to meet your aims? Of course, this depends on the available tools and the approach used for optimisation.
Keywords: Copper 2019, COM2019