ILTEC Technology – New Pathways towards Safe and Effective Cooling

Additonal authors: Filzwieser, A.. Book title: Proceedings of the 58th Conference of Metallurgists Hosting Copper 2019. Chapter: . Chapter title:

Proceedings, Vol. Proceedings of the 58th Conference of Metallurgists Hosting Copper 2019, 2019

Hanel, M.

It is the increasing demand for an economic and cost saving operation mode that requires effective cooling in order to achieve low refractory wear and good furnace lifetime, which is making cooling technology an important aspect of furnace operation. In addition, the requirements for safety are getting more and more into focus. However, the use of water—today’s standard cooling medium—has major drawbacks as it can cause problems both during furnace start up and operation, namely hydration problems, corrosion, and explosion. Not to forget the severe risks for the operators as well as economical damage in case of a malfunctioning water cooling system. With this new and patented cooling technology ILTEC and the ionic liquid IL-B2001 as the cooling medium, it is possible to realise a water-free cooling solution and therefore the door is wide open to rethink existing and conventional cooling solutions. Furthermore, there is also the chance to recover heat from the process in a more efficient way. However, since the technology is novel and unique there are a lot of concerns and doubts regarding safety for plant operators and employees. The paper is intended to cover both: highlighting the enormous potential of the technology but also to eliminate concerns mainly caused by rumour and unawareness. INTRODUCTION All of us are aware of the risks when water is used as a coolant and placed in the vicinity of the liquid metal phase. Unsuitable design solutions or wrong operation modes of the furnaces or failures of refractories can cause a direct contact of water with liquid metal. The consequences can lead to equipment failures, vessel destruction but even worse to injuries and even fatalities. Over the past decades, countless incidences were reported. Fatal accidents caused by water coming into contact with liquid metal happen every year (Oterdoom, 2014; Filzwieser, Konetschnik, Filzwieser, Wallnerm & Preiss, 2014). With the novel ionic liquid cooling technology virtually all negative effects of a water cooled system regarding safety are eliminated and even additional benefits can be provided (Voermann, Ham, Merry, Veenstra, & Hutchinson, 1999;Verscheure, Kyllo, Filzwieser, Blanpain & Wollants 2006; Wallner, Filzwieser & Kleicker 2006). The fact that no explosion occurs when IL-B2001 gets in contact with molten metal results in a revolutionary solution for the metallurgical industry in terms of safety—new safety standards can be achieved.
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