Increasing Flotation Circuits Performance Through Modernization

Operations, Part 1


Guillermo, Bermudez; Afshin, Jalili

Existing flotation circuits performance is often different from their original design criteria; this is due to the continuous evolution of mining operational conditions. Several factors can affect a flotation circuit, from changes in mineralogy to the search of improved production or flotation recovery. This is likely to impact flotation efficiency, which might present an inferior performance than planned. Some challenges that arise over time and affect the flotation performance are shorter residence time, froth recovery issues and the utilization of outdated technology. This paper discusses different modernization solution alternatives to overcome such industrial challenges: Improvement of particle recovery by replacing the rotor-stator mechanism design; froth management optimization through launder upgrades; and addition of state-of-the-art flotation cells to existing circuits. The difficulties related to modernize a flotation circuit with emerging flotation technologies are also discussed in detail.
Keywords: CIMBC22