Influence of Drift Design Parameters on Seismic Response


Dr Stephen McKinnon (Professor, Chair in Mine Design - Queen's University), Ms Lindsay Moreau-Verlaan (Senior Ground Control Engineer - Vale)

Management of strainburst potential is a priority when designing mine infrastructure at depth. Through microseismic monitoring, a quantitative evaluation of the rock mass response to development blasting is recorded, including any seismic response associated with strainburst events. Seismic data from development advance at Vale's Garson Mine suggests a link between seismic response level and strainburst potential. Evaluation of the variability in seismic response to excavation design parameters, correlated with observed rock mass behaviour (i.e. strainburst occurrences) is described, as evidence of the potential link. A case study of the 5200 East Return Air Raise at Garson Mine is presented to illustrate the application of these principles, showing how development design and execution can be adjusted to minimize seismic response of the rock mass.