Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion in Mining: MAI in Mining helps organizations become employers-of-choice for Aboriginal talent and creates prosperity for Aboriginal workers


Ryan Montpellier,

Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion in Mining is a series of five training modules designed to nurture and grow the competencies that help businesses become companies-of-choice for Aboriginal talent. The new and innovative product is designed to help guide companies in their efforts to make their workplaces more inclusive of Aboriginal people. The MAI in Mining product was developed by the Aboriginal Human Resource Council (AHRC) and the Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR). Both organizations are committed to the task of creating career opportunities that advance the Aboriginal workforce and help meet Canada’s growing labour shortage in the mining industry. This presentation will provide attendees with an overview of the MAI in Mining product as well as introduce the five modules: 1) Module One – The Business Case for Aboriginal Inclusion 2) Module Two – History’s Pendulum: From Exclusion to Inclusion 3) Module Three – Communicating Across Cultures 4) Module Four – Recruitment, Retention, Advancement 5) Module Five – Partnerships and Alliances
Keywords: Aboriginal, Inclusions, Human Resources