Mining Research and Innovation in Canada


Mr Vic Pakalnis (President/CEO - MIRARCO Mining Innovation)

The Canadian Mining Industry is a major economic and social driver for Canada and there is an increasing focus and dedication to innovation in mining. Canada is home to world class research organizations focused in occupational health, geomechanics, environmental sustainability, renewable energies, ventilation optimization, risk management, exploration as well as many more fields. Laurentian Mining Innovation and Technology (LMIT) serves as a united front to industry and government partners to co-ordinate external relationships related to mining. LIMT hopes to create new excitement and momentum in mining research on a global scale with a goal of a safer, more productive, more sustainable industry. This presentation will highlight major Canadian mining research and innovation initiatives of interest, and discuss the strategic nature of LMIT and its constituent research centres; MIRARCO-Mining Innovations, Mining Exploration Research Centre, Vale Living with Lakes, and the Centre of Occupational Health and Safety.