Normet Tamcrete SSL - a new Structural Support Lining – in comparison to today’s lining and support concepts


Mr Maxwell MacDonald (ground control chemical technologies coordinator - Normet Canada)

Normet’s Tamcrete SSL is a reactive resin based rapid curing, gas and watertight spray applied shell of 5-10mm thickness. Within 3-5 minutes it gains already 70-80% of its final mechanical properties. The paper will show application methods and testing of the product, key mechanical figures, case studies and application potentials in various fields such as:•immediate active strata support,•alternative to mesh,•rock burst zones,•shaft sinking,•immediate sealant/ anti weathering.The paper will explain the difference to existing concrete or TSL lining concepts and how SSL is positioned in between the two. Furthermore, it will indicate the limitations of the approach and give a brief outlook on Normet’s current development work on that new concept.