Pyrometallurgy of Nickel and Cobalt 2009—PDF

The 2009 International Symposium on the Pyrometallurgy of Nickel and Cobalt is organized by members of the Nonferrous Pyrometallurgy Section of the Metallurgical Society of CIM. The organizers appreciate the support and help from Vale Inco, Queens University, University of Toronto and Hatch Associates.


J.Liu, S. Kashani-Nejad, J. Peacey, M. Barati, B. Davis

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Keywords: Pyrometallurgy of Nickel and Cobalt, Pyrometallurgy, Nickel, Cobalt, SLAGS, FLUXES, SMELTING, LATERITE ORE PROCESSING AND FeNi REFINING, NiO REDUCTION AND OTHER TECHNOLOGY