Pyrometallurgy: Towards Clean Metallurgical Processing for Profit, Social and Environmental Stewardship 2012—PDF

The Clean Processing Symposium is organized by the Non-Ferrous Pyrometallurgy Section of the Metallurgical Society of CIM as part of COM 2012. Although the main focus of the section is to promote and support the activities of professionals in the field of pyrometallurgy, we recognize the importance of technical developments in other fields of extractive metallurgy as complementary to the overall goal of sustainability in our industry. Developments in pyrometallurgy have undergone resurgence over the past few years as we are driven to meet the standards set by alternative processes and as our industry gains a better understanding of the challenges presented by those alternatives.

The section is pleased to be able to provide a cross-section of technical developments and commercial applications, illustrating that a coordinated effort will be required to meet future demands for profitable operation in the face of environmental regulations and social expectations. Included in this symposium are papers covering the fields of pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy and mineral processing, for the extraction of metals from aluminum to zinc.


R.H. Schonewille, D. Rioux, S. Kashani-Nejad, M. Kreuh, M.E.S. Muinonen

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Keywords: Clean Pyrometallurgical Processing, leaching, novel applications, Pyrometallurgy