Seismic Risk in Canadian Underground Mines`


Mr Marty Hudyma (Assistant Professor - Laurentian University)

Hardrock mines in Canada are extracting orebodies at greater and greater depths. Advances in mining technology in areas such as mining methods, mining equipment, ventilation and ground control are allowing companies to extract orebodies that may have been considered too deep to be mineable in the past. With the greater depths, come higher stresses, more difficult rockmass conditions and more failing ground. In many deep mines, dynamic rockmass failures, also called mining-induced seismic events, have become one of the major operational risks.This paper will discuss seismic risk in the context of deep Canadian mines. The current state of seismic risk in Canadian mines will be discussed.A new research project will be introduced. The research project focusses on evaluating seismic hazard in Canadian mines. The research plan and project objectives will be discussed.