Sinking Methods and Present Situation of Vertical Wells in China


Zhiyang Long, China Coal Research Institute; Zhibin Cheng, China Coal No.5 Construction Co.Ltd.

Sinking methods and present situation of vertical wells in China Longzhiyang 1.2 Xiao Ruiling 3 (1 Tiandi Science and Technology Research Institute of Well Construction, Beijing 100013; 2 National Engineering Laboratory of Coal Mine Deep Well Construction Technology, Beijing 100013) (3 Anbiao National Mine Products Safety Marking Center, Beijing, 100013)    Abstract: Vertical shaft is a major developing way in mine exploitation, the technology of shaft sinking is very complex, numerous equipment are arranged on ground and underground. In the paper, the respective characteristics of single-line working method, parallel working method, mixed working method and once sinking shaft method of driving, supporting and setting are related in brief. Special shaft sinking methods include freeze sinking methods, grouting sinking method, shaft drilling sinking method, shaft sinking by caisson method, concrete diaphragm wall method and other methods. The author summarized shaft sinking amount and effect by special shaft sinking methods in different periods, and summarized construction cases of vertical shafts and record cases of them in different industries, such as coal, metallurgy, non-ferrous metal, hydropower, highway, railway, nonmetallic, etc. And forecast the sinking demand and development trend in the future. Keywords: sinking methods of vertical shaft; working method; special construction; record