The Eagle zone gold-tungsten sheeted vein porphyry deposit and related mineralization, Dublin Gulch, Yukon Territory

Additonal authors: Orssich, C.N.. Book title: Special Volume 46: Porphyry Deposits of the Northwestern Cordillera of North America. Chapter: Part E. Chapter title:

Special Volume, Vol. SV 46, 1995

Hitchins, A.C.

The Eagle zone is a gold-bearing, sheered, quarrz rein porphyry deposit hosted by the Cretaceous Dublin Gulch biotite granodiorite stock, located in central Yukon, 50 km north of Mayo. The deposit occurs at the western end of the stock and has been drill
Keywords: Milling, Porphyry deposits, Mineral exploration, Copper mining, Molybdenum mining