The Fort Knox 'porphyry' gold deposit Structurally controlled stockwork and shear quartz vein, sulphide-poor mineralization hosted by a Late Cretaceous pluton, east-central Alaska

Additonal authors: . Book title: Special Volume 46: Porphyry Deposits of the Northwestern Cordillera of North America. Chapter: Part E. Chapter title:

Special Volume, Vol. SV 46, 1995

Bakke, A.A.

The Fort Knox gold deposit is hosted within the Fort Knox Pluton, a Cretaceous multiphase granitic body that intrudes the Fairbanks schist. Gold occurs along the margins of stockwork veins and veinlets, quartz-filled shear zones, and along fractures withi
Keywords: Milling, Porphyry deposits, Mineral exploration, Copper mining, Molybdenum mining