The U.S. Mineral Property Valuation Patchwork of Regulations and Standards

Iron deposits of every major type except laterite occur in Quebec, and form one of the major iron ore resources of the world. The five principal types of ore described are: (1) hematite-goethite masses derived from iron formation through the oxidation and enrichment of iron by natural processes; (2) taconites consisting of fine-grained iron formation; (3) metataconites composed of coarsegrained iron formation; (4) iron and titanium oxide minerals in massive or disseminateed deposits within gabbro and anorthositic rocks; and (5) replacement or contact metasomatic magnetite deposits associated with complex s ilicate and skarn mineral assemblages. Most of the ore, although relatively low grade, is easy to concentrate. The physical properties of the ores that affect the choice and efficiency of beneficiation methods are described. The extent to which iron ore from this area can be utilized in the future will depend on the continued use and improvement of highly efficient methods of beneficiation