The U.S. mineral property valuation patchwork of regulations and standards

In March 2003 the CIM Council adopted and approved the document “Standards and Guidelines for Valuation of Mineral Properties” as developed by the Special Committee of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum on Valuation of Mineral Properties (CIMVal). The document is referred to as the CIMVal Standards and Guidelines. The document evolved from a specific recommendation by The Mining Standards Task Force (MSTF) of the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Ontario Securities Commission in its Final Report (January 1999) that the CIM form a committee of valuation practitioners to review and advise on approaches to valuation of Mineral Properties. The CIMVal Standards and Guidelines are organized into two parts: •,Standards which are general rules in the Valuation of Mineral Properties. The use of the Standards is mandatory if the Valuation Report is stated to follow CIMVal (although not mandatory in the sense of having regulatory authority). Definitions are given at the beginning of the Standards. •,Guidelines which elaborate on the Standards and, while not mandatory, provide guidance and best practices which are highly recommended to be followed in the Valuation of Mineral Properties.CIMVal specifies requirements for the Qualified Valuator who has the responsibility for choosing the appropriate approaches and methods for the valuation of mineral properties. With regard to the specifics of the application and practice of valuation approaches and methods, CIMVal directs the Qualified Valuator to the large body of published papers, published valuations, presentations and court judgments to guide his or her choice. This is also the approach taken by VALMIN (Australia) and SAMVAL (South Africa). To facilitate the dissemination of industry practice, the CIMVal Committee organized a “Valuation Day” at the CIM Annual General Meeting in Toronto (Mining Millennium 2000), on March 8, 2000. Industry experts presented papers on valuation of Mineral Properties which were subsequently published in a proceedings volume and individually ad technical papers in the CIM Bulletin. The Management and Economics Society of CIM has continued to identify and publish papers on valuation in the CIM Bulletin and Magazine. The present document gathers in one place the CIMVal Standards and Guidelines, the papers from the 2000 Valuation Day, and a number of subsequent papers that illustrate industry practice for the valuation of mineral properties.