Valuation of Non-Producing Mineral Properties


William E. Roscoe

Valuation methods are well established for mineral properties with production or imminent production, and include discounted cash flow and comparable transactions. Valuation methods for non-producing mineral properties, however, are more subjective. Non-producing mineral properties include those at various stages of exploration, properties at the prefeasibility or feasibility stage, properties with currently uneconomic mineral resources, and past-producers. Different valuation methods may be appropriate for different types of mineral properties.Income approach methods such as discounted cash flow and option pricing are generally not applicable to properties at the exploration stage. The market approach is generally appropriate to all types of mineral properties, although it is difficult to find good comparables because of the unique nature of mineral properties and the small number of transactions. Cost approach methods, such as appraised value and geoscience factor, are commonly used for exploration stage properties.Canadian standards and guidelines for valuation of mineral properties are in the process of being finalized by a Special Committee of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIMVal Committee). The CIMVal Standards are intended to be consistent with National Instrument 43-101, which sets regulatory standards of disclosure for mineral projects, and with International Valuation Standards. The intent of the CIMVal Standards and Guidelines is that mineral property valuation be carried out by appropriately qualified individuals and that all relevant information be disclosed.
Keywords: standards, valuation, mineral properties