What about too much water? - Lessons learned in extreme environments


Henri Sangam, SNC-Lavalin.com

The management of excess water at mine sites can become an issue with significant impacts on the construction and operation of mines.  This may occur due to abundant precipitation as in the case of tropical rain forests, lack of evaporation loss in permafrost areas, or due to encroachment of glaciers in the arctic. The engineering solutions to deal with these issues vary depending on climate, topography, mine development schedule and land availability, size of operation, and environmental control requirements.  In this paper, we will discuss SNC-Lavalin’s philosophy and approaches that have been developed for effective engineering design and construction management of excess water issues focusing on 1) geotechnical stability of earthworks, 2) erosion and sediment control, and 3) contact and non-contact water segregation and management.
Keywords: Water Management, earthworks, dam