20 years of the Raglan Agreement: Social acceptability and responsibility process‎


Mrs Amélie Rouleau (Superintendant Governance, Stakeholder and Community Engagement - Raglan Mine of Glencore)

Relate past experiences and vision of the future after 20 years of operation under the Raglan Agreement ratified in 1995, the first Impact and Benefits Agreement (IBA) in Canada. In preparation for the next 25 years, a review of the Raglan Agreement was conducted in consultation with business partners the two Inuit communities, Salluit and Kangirsujuaq and Makivik Corporation: several lessons learned and opportunities will be shared. The objective is to establish a common vision on the development of labor skills, respect for the environment, the development of local businesses and the sharing of wealth. A video of 3 minutes will be presented to concretely demonstrate social acceptability and responsibility of Raglan Mine operations.