COM 2017 hosting World Gold Nickel Cobalt Proceedings—PDF

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M. Elboujdaini, B. Tyson, F. Cheng, P. Patnaik, Z. Xu, K. Cadien, J.A. Nychka, G. Jarjoura, G.P. Kipouros, D. Gallienne, M. Bilodeau, M. Ali, M. Pawlik, George Oprea, James G. Hemrick, D. Ashman, D. Brosig, T. Troczynski, A.Y. Ku, P. Sarkar, H. Wang, Z. Xu

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Mots Clés: Fracture Control in Engineering, PIPELINE CRACKING AND FATIGUE, MODELING AND CHARACTERIZATION, Crack, Corrosion, Girth Defects, Pinpelines, Fatigue, Fracture Nanomaterials, Nanocrystalline, Nanomechanical, Stainless Steel Coating Materials Degradation, Materials Control, Corrosion, Erosion, Acid Leach mining Light Metals, CASTING TECHNOLOGY, ALUMINUM, MAGNESIUM, TITANIUM Sustainability for Profit, Sustainability, GREENHOUSE GAS REDUCTION, ISO MANAGEMENT, CARBON MANAGEMENT, Rheology in Mineral Processing, Rheology, Mineral Processing, FLOTATION PULP, RHEOLOGICAL CHARACTERIZATION AND MEASUREMENT, MINERAL SUSPENSIONS, Refractories, SYNTHESIS AND SINTERING OF REFRACTORIES, IRON, STEEL, INDUSTRIES, NON-FERROUS, CEMENT, GASIFICATION, CASTABLES, MONOLITHICS, SIMULATION OF REFRACTORY BEHAVIOR, Management, Innovation, Materials, Clean Energy