Commemorative Book: The Canadian & Materials Landscape 1960 - 2011 — PDF

The Golden Anniversary of the Conference of Metallurgists
Edited by Joël Kapusta, Phillip Mackey and Nathan Stubina
This book commemorating the 50th Annual Conference of Metallurgists of the Metallurgy and Materials Society of CIM (MetSoc) was compiled to document how the “metallurgical landscape” in Canada has evolved over the 50-year period from the early 1960s, when in 1962, the first Conference of Metallurgists was held, up to the present day. This retrospective also provides us with an opportunity to look forward, hence some ideas on forces likely to shape the future are also included in this volume; a summary of the results of an informal survey of MetSoc members is also included.


Joël Kapusta, Phillip Mackey and Nathan Stubina

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Mots Clés: Iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, light metals, magnesium, aluminium, gold, uranium, metallurgy, material science, supporting technology