Commissioning of the Jameson Concentrator at Hud Bay's New Britannia Mill

Operations, Part 2


Mathew, Taylor

Discovered in 2007, the Lalor deposit has grown into the largest VMS deposit discovered to date in the Snow Lake Camp. With commercial production commencing in 2014, the base metal rich polymetallic ore lenses in the upper regions of the deposit have been progressively mined and processed through the existing Stall Mill to produce a precious metals rich Cu concentrate and a Zn concentrate. Recognised in the initial discovery and formalised through extensive technical work, as the mine life matures the Lalor deposit shifts from base metal ore lenses to Cu-Au and Au rich ore lenses. To maximise the recovery of Au from the Lalor deposit, Hudbay purchased the idled New Britannia mill complete with a fully permitted cyanide leach-CIP circuit. Since acquisition, Hudbay has undertaken significant testwork and engineering to identify the most appropriate pathway to recommission the New Britannia Mill to process the Cu-Au and Au lenses from Lalor. In 2019, full execution funding authorised for the recommissioning of the New Britannia mill which included the addition of a new Cu flotation module consisting of 100% Glencore Technology Jameson Cells to be added ahead of the existing cyanide leach circuit. The New Britannia Mill refurbishment will be discussed in two parts. Part 1 aims to explain the rationale behind the flotation circuit design and equipment selection that was required to handle the ore specific variables. Part 2 (planned for Q2, 2022) aims to discuss performance and lessons learned to date post commissioning against the original design.
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