Industrial Application of Side-Blowing Furnace Smelting Process in China Nerin

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Proceedings, Vol. Proceedings of the 58th Conference of Metallurgists Hosting Copper 2019, 2019

Wei, Wang

Side-blown Furnace technology is a developing technology and was developed very quickly in China in recent years, dozens of reference smelters can be found for the treatment of copper concentrate, copper slag, Lead slag, zinc leaching slag and different kinds of slurry. This paper introduces the working principle of the technology, displays the innovations and specifications of China Nerin's SBF technology, gives examples of the typical reference smelters, and looks ahead to future applications. INTRODUCTION Side-blowing furnace smelting process The side-blowing furnace smelting process (SBF process) is one of the bath smelting process with independent intellectual property rights of China Nerin. This process was originally applied to treat copper concentrate and high-lead slag. The SBF process includes two categories, i.e. to treat copper concentrate and to treat industrial solid waste. Up to now, the SBF process has been applied in around 5 million tons of copper concentrate processing capacity and 20+ plants with high-lead slag reduction process. In recent years, SBF process has been gradually used in zinc leaching slag, electroplating sludge, industrial solid waste (e.g., various metallurgical slag), and electronic waste disposal. The basic principle of SBF process is that the material to be treated is directly charged to bath through charging hole with crushed coal and flux, then, enriched oxygen air would be sent to slag level (Vanyukov/Jifeng style furnaces)or matte level (Baiyin style furnaces) via primary tuyere. In this case, the material completes matte/slag metallurgical reaction of gas-liquid-solid interaction under vigorous mixing, and separate matte and slag at the bottom of furnace hearth. With the help of secondary tuyere, the low-pressure air or enriched oxygen would be provided for secondary combustion in the freeboard. The core of SBF process is process parameter control and engineering design of SBF. Presented as a fixed rectangular type, the SBF is a metallurgical furnace consisting of copper water jackets and refractory material. The SBF is consisting of hearth, middle of furnace and furnace top with the sequence from bottom to top. The middle of furnace itself can be further divided into bath area and post-combustion area with primary tuyere and secondary tuyere at both sides. The furnace hearth is made of refractory bricks, which are fused and rebonded Mg-Cr brick, Mg-Cr brick and clay brick from inside to outside. The furnace top adopts a steel water jacket with charging hole and uptake shaft. The water-cooled partition wall is placed at uptake shaft and near charging hole.
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