Maintenance and Reliability improvements help PCS deliver significant gains


Mr Larry Long (General Manager, Rocanville Division - Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan), Mr Mark Hampel (Director, Operations - Hitachi Consulting Corporation)

After a undergoing a large capital expansion in one of their facilities, Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan (PCS) was looking to demonstrate the gains from their increased operational capability. PCS partnered with Hitachi Consulting Corporation (HCC) and outlined an ambitious, eight month Operational readiness plan to prepare the organization to meet the challenge and realize the full operational capability.As part of the operational readiness plan, an assessment of current state work processes indicated that, beyond the capital expansion, the organization would need to make a number of operational improvements if they were to achieve and sustain new operations targets. In particular, underground productivity, borer availability, mill uptime and recovery would be a key focus. The Assessment had identified that much could be gained, not from adding more resources or spending capital, but from a combination of leaning out the work management processes, improving cross functional planning and communication and changing the way in which the organization measured success. In addition it was recognized that a more proactive approach would be required to maintain and increase the reliability of critical equipment. The presentation describes how the site laid out the vision, established a set of high level objectives and milestones, engaged the workforce and, methodically set about embracing some new ways of working. In particular, focus was given to maintenance work management processes and RCA/FMEA usage, as well as the development of improved Integrated Planning and communications processes. In addition, a rigorous change management process was established to assure the new ways of working and the adjustments in organizational roles, work processes and management systems were embedded throughout the organization. The changes ultimately helped the site meet and exceed the corporate target by 30%.