Donna Beneteau

This paper summarizes progress made since the Mines HUB was released into the public domain in May 2022. Funded by the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum Underground Mining Society and  the  University  of  Saskatchewan,  the  Mines  HUB  is  a  website  that  documents  the  mining  history  in Canada via a mapping and data visualization interface. Based on current data, the first mines in Canada were documented in the 1700s. The number of mines peaked circa 1930 and has declined steadily since the 1990s. How do we promote the importance of mining without knowing the extent of mining in Canada? To improve this  database,  we  need  the  support  of  the  mining  industry  who  can  Help  Unearth  Buried  data.  We  can demonstrate the importance of mining to Canada when we better develop this digital record of what resources were mined in Canada, when they were mined, and how they were mined. The tool is ready. Let’s build a useful tool together that can help educate students interested in earth sciences and engineering as well as the general public.
Mots Clés: Canadian history, Interactive map, Mines