“Smart Technology” Dust Abatement of Bulk Materials; Conveyed and/or Stockpiled, including Tailings


Dust abatement is possible on bulk materials, whether conveyed or stockpiled. Minimum (ppm) quantities of chemical additives can efficiently and rapidly control dust of conveyed substrates with no effect on floatation chemistry. Top coating of large surface areas can control surface dust and wind erosion. Environmental and toxicity impact must be considered in any treatment, especially on areas with percolation runoff, leachates, or limited containment. The most effective dust control is preventing release of substrate fines rather than trapping and removing air borne dust. Techniques to prevent release of fines from conveyed substrates will be discussed. Dust control dynamics are a very complex combination of solid phase physical and chemical interactions between the substrate and the fines. “Smart Technology” products permit dust abatement of stockpiled substrates and tailing fields with no environmental impact. Using “Smart Technology”, the dust abatement products remain active and can re-seal damaged areas. Efficient, low environmental and toxicity impact, dust control will be demonstrated through case studies where these principals have been applied.
Mots Clés: Tailing, Smart technology, Dust, Environmental, Erosion